How to Catch Flounder

Learning the basics of how to catch flounder is easy with a bit of information.

  • First you need to learn about the flounders habits and habitat.
  • Second you need to learn what type of tackle, rigs, and equipment to use.
  • And Third you need to learn the techniques and tactics to hook up and land these great fish.

Its an easy 3 step process with a life time of results. Always remember what works well where you fish and repeat it on each trip until you need to adjust for changing conditions.

For all anglers learning how to catch flounder can draw the interest of almost any angler. Flounder can turn to be picky feeders and require special tactics and tackle rigs for one to force them to feed. Sometimes it seems you have to put the bait in their mouth to get a bite, and other days they come in in droves.

Besides fishing for flounder one can also experiment in flounder gigging. This is the act of spearing a flounder out of the surf (usually at night). Flounder giggging can be a great way to enjoy an eveningwith friends, an always provides great action in the water. With a few pieces of equipment and a lot of time to search for the flounder one can have a great night and find a lot of flounder. Blog
We talk about the vast parts of flounder fishing and gigging. We look at the tackle, equipment, and tactics used to land these fish.
Flounder Habitat |
We look at the flounder habitat that draws them into an area and how to find these fish.
Flounder Habits |
We look at the flounder habits that can be expected in their manerisms that can help lead to better fishing.
Flounder Fishing Rigs |
We look at some of the best used flounder fishing rigs. We have rigs for boat, shore and pier use for you to learn how to make and use.
Double Bottom Rig |
The Double Bottom Rig is one of the most utilized rigs in fishing. We discuss how to make and use this rig.
Drifting Rig |
The drifting rig for flounder is mostly used from a boat but can be just as good from a pier as well. Click here to learn more.
Flounder Float Rig |
We look at a flounder float rig and how to produce and fish this rig.
Spinner Flounder Rig |
This is a look at the spinner flounder rig, that is designed to attract flounder to bite.
Spreader Rig |
The Spreader Rig is a great flounder rig and used by many boat anglers. We discuss how to make and use this rig.
Flounder Fishing Bait |
We look at natural Flounder Fishing Bait and what attracts these fish.
Cut Bait For Flounder |
We look at using cut bait for flounder and how to improve your success by cutting chunks and strips properly.
Flounder Fishing Technique |
We look at a Flounder Fishing Technique on how to entice more strikes from these fish.
Fishing Tackle |
Flounder Rods and Reels |
we look at what makes for good flounder rods and reels for catching these great fish.
Outer Banks Flounder Gigging |
We look at where to find flounder in our outer banks flounder gigging map and article.
Flounder Lights |
This is our focus page on flounder lights and all that is involved in these underwater lights.
Flounder Light Batteries |
We look at flounder light batteries and how much power is needed for your flounder light
Flounder Light Bulbs |
We look at all the possibilities of flounder light bulbs and what types work well for flounder gigging.
Flounder Light Wiring |
A flounder light wiring guide on connecting a bulb in the PVC framework to shine underwater
Flounder Light Material List |
Flounder Light Material List
The Light Cell |
We look at the light cell and how to make this part of our underwater flounder light.
Winter Flounder |
We look at the winter Flounder or Fluke and its differences to other species of flounder.
Freezing your Fish |
We look at some simple tips on how properly freezing your fish give you optimum preservation.
Bucktail Lures |
We look at bucktail lures and how they can benefit in flounder fishing.
Flounder Lures |
We look at flounder lures that can help attract bites from fluke and flounder.